We Are Not Twinsies! Process

This is a mixed media piece, that was painted with water-soluable ink pencil before being colorized in Photoshop.  Here’s the process:

radiolab20150518-01After doing the sketch, I use my light box to get the forms onto the final paper, before painting it in.

radiolab20150518-10bAfter scanning, contrast adjustments are made on certain details, and shapes/values that distract from where I want the viewer to (ultimately) look are adjusted or removed.  I also exaggerated the frown a little more and had to restore the paper texture in places.

radiolab20150518-12This was the original color scheme I wanted, so I added in the base colors.

radiolab20150518-17Some subtle colors and gradations were worked in, and the background chain pattern from my original sketch is roughed in and organized.

radiolab20150518-18The chains are finished.  This is where I decided to swap colors to a scheme that I thought was more striking and made more narrative sense.

radiolab20150518-20I made more adjustments (didn’t like how the chain pattern drew the eye too far down the center, so I used this approach).

radiolab20150518-21Final adjustments; done!